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Roof panels

Modeco manufactures, sells and assembles high quality roof panels.


The roof panels are closely linked to the production of steel structures to which the roof panels are mounted. As such, they are used for roofs in various commercial buildings, sports halls, prefabricated houses and other smaller construction facilities.


Roof panels consist of outer and inner lining and central insulation of polyurethane, stone wool or EPS. They are made according to the customers’ measures and wishes, and there is a choice of different colors, thicknesses and the possibility of different panel design according to the specific needs of the facility and the customer.


Roof panels are extremely stable and do not require supporting structures. They are resistant to corrosion, earthquakes and other weather events such as hail, snow, rain, thunder and so on.


Apart from being included in modern construction due to its beautiful appearance, roof panels have good insulation properties due to the inner core of the panel. Roof panels contribute to lower energy consumption required for heating.


Roof panels are placed in lightweight construction materials and are quickly assembled and demolished. Modeco sells and installs roof panels in all European countries.

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