Steel constructions



Steel constructions are intended for various farm buildings, sports and teaching halls, bridges, silos, assembly houses and other smaller construction facilities.


3D visualizaton

Before the actual production and installation, we offer the client a modern 3D visualization of the object with the possibility of viewing pictures, videos or a virtual walk inside the space.


Making of

Steel structures are made according to the measurements and wishes of the client, and there is the possibility of different design of the structures according to the specific needs of the building and the client.



Installation of steel structures is done exclusively by qualified and experienced employees with all the necessary machinery. We offer assembly in all European countries.



Steel structures are extremely stable and resistant to corrosion, earthquakes, fires and other weather phenomena such as hail, snow, rain, lightning strikes and the like.



Steel constructions can be painted in any desired color. Anti-corrosive protection and fire protection are ensured by painting structures. In addition to painting, hot-dip galvanizing of iron structures is also possible.


C profiles

C profiles are used as door and window frames of steel structures, they also serve as secondary support for the internal walls of the structure. Their advantages are simple and quick assembly and light weight.


Z profiles

Z profiles are most often used as secondary load-bearing elements on roofs, they are a cheaper version than pipes and other profiles. Their advantages are simple and quick assembly and light weight.


SIGMA profiles

SIGMA profiles are used as a beam, cornice or facade profile in heavy steel constructions exposed to excessive loads and as a load-bearing column, beam and roof support in lighter steel constructions.


Own assembly machines

We have our own cranes and other machines necessary for the assembly of steel structures, which greatly facilitates our work and allows us to complete the assembly in a shorter time frame.