Modern Fences



We make modern fences from metal, and they are used for various outdoor and indoor spaces. They can be used for yard or garden fence, balcony fence, terrace fence, staircase fence and many other purposes.


3D Visualization

Before the actual production and installation, we offer the client a modern 3D visualization of the fence with the possibility of viewing images. We offer more than 100 samples, but it is possible to draw the fence according to the wishes and needs of the customer.



Modern fences are made on modern laser or plasma cutting machines. After construction, the fences are painted according to the customer’s wishes.



Installation of modern metal fences is done exclusively by qualified and experienced employees. We offer assembly in all European countries.


Quality Guarantee

Modern metal fences look aesthetically beautiful, and in addition to their beautiful appearance, they are long-lasting due to their resistance to all weather conditions and corrosion.


Fences for the infield

Metal modern fences for the infield or garden come with the corresponding entrance door. Fences can be static and with the possibility of sliding or wing opening.


Fences for the terrace

Metal modern fences for the terrace fit perfectly into the garden. Fences for the terrace are also made for catering establishments, where it is possible to display the logo of the establishment on them.


Balcony fences

Metal modern balcony railings can be made in different variants. Due to the small diameter of the metal, it will make your balcony a more spacious place.


Fences for the stairs

Modern metal stair fences can be circular or flat. The client has the option of choosing a color according to his own wishes.