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Tile-shape sheet metal

Modeco manufactures, sells and assembles sheet metal in the form of high quality tile.


Tile-shaped sheet metal is most often used for private objects such as houses, farm buildings, farms and other building facilities.


The tile-shaped sheet metal is made according to the customers’ measures and wishes, and there is a possibility to choose the color of the sheet, as well as the possibility of different sheet shaping according to the specific needs of the building and the customer.


Tile-shaped sheet metal greatly reduces the load on the roof structure and also has a long life span. It is extremely stable and resistant to corrosion, earthquake, fires, and other weather events such as hail, snow, rain, thunder, and the like.


The tile-shaped sheet metal is quickly assembled and demolished because of its low weight. Modeco is able to sell and install tiled-shaped sheet metal in all European countries.

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