Assembly halls



Assembly halls are an increasingly common choice when looking for the best construction solution, mostly due to fast construction and high energy efficiency. Assembly halls can be used for various purposes such as: production plant, agricultural facility, residential house, garage and others.

3D visualization

Before the actual production and installation, we offer the client a modern 3D visualization of the object with the possibility of viewing pictures, videos or a virtual walk inside the space.


Assembly halls are made according to the measurements and wishes of the client, and there is the possibility of different designs according to the specific needs of the facility and the client.



Hall assembly is done exclusively by qualified and experienced employees with all the necessary machinery. We offer assembly in all European countries.

Quality guarantee

Assembly halls are one of the safest and longest-lasting facilities. As a result, they occupy a high position on the quality scale, and that is precisely why they are in high demand among clients.

Facade cladding for assembly halls

Cladding of assembly halls is usually made of sandwich panels or trapezoidal sheets. Facade panels consist of external and internal cladding (sheet metal) and insulation (PUR, PIR or mineral wool filling). They are characterized by high thermal insulation and low weight.

The substructure of assembly halls

We use C, Z and SIGMA profiles as a substructure for receiving roof and facade thermal insulation panels and sheets. They also serve as a substructure for doors and windows. They are made of 2 mm galvanized sheet. Their advantage is simple and quick assembly and light weight.

Roof coverings for assembly halls

Roof thermal insulation panels and trapezoidal sheets, which can be with anti-condensation felt, are most often used as covers for assembly halls. Also, if necessary, it is also possible to install a flat roof on the halls. The covers are light weight and resistant to all weather conditions.

Color palette for assembly halls

We offer a large selection of facade coverings for assembly halls that come in various color variants. This allows us to create single-color assembly halls, but also assembly halls in various color combinations to give the hall a modern and elegant style.