Trapezoidal sheet metal

Modeco produces, sells and assembles high quality trapezoidal sheet metal.

Trapezoidal sheet metal is most often used for private objects such as houses, farm buildings, farms and other construction objects.

Trapezoidal sheet metal is made according to the customer’s measures and wishes, and there is a possibility to choose the color of the tin and the possibility of different shaping of the tin according to the specific needs of the building and the customer.

The trapezoidal sheet metal greatly reduces the load on the roof structure and also has a long life span. It is extremely stable and resistant to corrosion, earthquake, fires, and other weather events such as hail, snow, rain, thunder, and the like.

The trapezoidal sheet metal is quickly assembled and disassembled due to its low weight. Modeco offers the sales and installation of trapezoidal sheet metal in all European countries